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March 20, 2003

Don't pull your thang out.. unless you plan to bang...

I feel ill.

Gave up on CNN, trying BBC now. Been tuning out most of what the talking heads are saying, since very little factual information comes out at times like this. But knowing this is underway is making me feel queasy.

I remember very well when the first gulf war started. I was 18 in 1991, and it started right around the time I was sending out my college applications. I remember that profound feeling of illness, as I watched the breaking news with my mother, and realized this was really happening, that my country was doing this. My mother often tells the story of how I turned to her and said "Mom... I don't have a country." So this feeling in my stomach is all too familiar.

You should be reading Dear Raed if you're not already.

A friend has confirmed the rumors that BBC ran raw satellite feed of Bush, getting his makeup done before his speech started:

"I was watching the BBC live raw satellite footage of Bush before his speech last night (at 3 am, I fell asleep on the couch later). They showed about 10-15 minutes of him getting ready. There was no sound, but he was practicing his "earnest and honest" face, the words to his speech, and then occasionally he would get that smirky grin and seemingly joke and laugh with people who were behind the camera. I had to wonder if he even knew the camera was turned on."

Posted by jsmooth995 at March 20, 2003 11:39 AM

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