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April 10, 2003

This War is as Wrong Now as it Ever Was.

Don't get it twisted. I was one of millions of Americans who spoke against this war. But just because we did not support this invasion, that doesn't mean we ever doubted Saddam Hussein was a grimy bastard, and that the Iraqi people had every reason to rejoice in his downfall. I felt genuinely happy for the Iraqis we saw celebrating yesterday, and I'm sure most anti-war Americans felt the same.

So any right-wingers who expect us to be "eating crow" today, I'm afraid we will have to disappoint you. Anyone who thinks yesterday's news "proved us wrong" must not have understood what we were saying in the first place. We were never against seeing the end of Saddam Hussein's regime. We were against the means used to bring this about, and we still are.

Yesterday's footage was wonderful to see. All those folks getting their office-chair loot on, it truly warmed the heart. But I also remember images like this one, of 12 year old Ali Ismail Abbas asking if we can put his arms back on. No matter how many times you show us tearing that statue's legs off, it won't make me forget that we also took this little boy's arms off. And that he is only one of thousands. I am just as strongly against that now as I ever was. It didn't need to happen like that.

I'll write more on this later if I have time. But I really don't want to see the left punk out on this, and cave in to all the "i-told-you-so" nonsense.

Posted by jsmooth995 at April 10, 2003 3:52 PM

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