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February 26, 2004

Culture War

Funny, right after we mention that Howard Stern is now speaking out against President Bush, he gets banned by Clear Channel. On my radio show right after the Superbowl I said conservatives would use the aftermath of nipplegate to put a spotlight on their position as defenders of our good old christian values, and try to make that the defining issue of this election. I didn't think they'd build up this much momentum this quickly though.

Stern won't be affected too much, since he is on a non-Clear Channel station in most cities. But Daily Kos reports these comments from Stern yesterday:

Interestingly, this morning Stern predicted that he would get fired sometime this year. A Republican insider told him that the party received more mail about Bono using the F word on the grammys than any other subject.

In one of the best defense of the Democrats I've heard on radio, he also spoke out against this gay marriage distraction, called Kerry a hero for what he did during and after the war, and said that he will do everything he can to defeat Bush.

This is getting creepy. Gay marriage, churches denouncing jews, adult radio getting censored - we're in a full on culture war now. As Joe Klein said, "He said he was a war president, but apparently the war he wants to fight is a culture war"

Religious extremists are flexing their muscles.

Thankfully, according to Atrios there's at least one battle they lack the muscle to win, as it's now clear they lack the votes to get their hate amendment through.

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 26, 2004 3:36 AM

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