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February 27, 2004

Debra Dickerson Puts the Blah in Blog

When I saw Debra Dickerson getting slammed left and right for her new book "The End of Blackness," I recognized her name from somewhere but couldn't place it. Then I remembered that she has a pair of blogs on her website, that someone showed me about a year ago.

If you're not aware of Debra's fondness for contradicting herself you might find it strange that this advocate of ending blackness has two blogs named "Black Cinderella" and "Black Catharsis", both featuring the dreadful tagline "we put the black in blog." (Note to Debra: when you use the "we put the _____ in ____" device, the first word is supposed to be contained in the second word.)

Sadly she has deleted most of her older entries, evidently so she can focus on spiking Amazon.com with fake reviews. Her instructions to fans are a blatant pitch for reviews from people who haven't read the books yet: "While you're there buying both books, post a positive review. Just follow the instructions on each page. Thanks." I know everybody plays this game nowadays but damn, can't we at least pretend to be honest, just a little?

Along with jabs at Halle Berry and Vivica Fox, the remaining posts also feature Dickerson's venomous tirade against a dwarf, who took her to task for using the word "midget" which many are not aware is considered a slur. The same woman who just called Vivica Fox a "silly 'itch" who "shoulda held out for a brain" lectures this guy for not being sufficiently polite in pointing out her own ignorance. Then she assures us she'd be willing to discuss the issue with a "reasonable Little Person" and proceeds to give the Little People a homework assignment: "Please include a discussion of these questions in your conversation: A) blah blah B) blah blah"

You can see a bunch of her older entries at archive.org, some of which are surprisingly cogent, I'll admit. It is puzzling, because she clearly sees the racism that remains in our society and doesn't hesitate to speak on it, but when others do the same she condemns them as "perpetuating their victimhood" and so on. I guess ideological consistency is too boring to land a book deal.

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 27, 2004 3:41 PM

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