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February 18, 2004

NEW AUDIO: DJ Monk One's Valentine's Day Mix

My stance on Valentine's Day is strictly bah humbug, but Monkone did get into the spirit with his set on Saturday's show, which you can check out right here. And don't forget there are always dozens of other mixes awaiting your perusal here.

Here's a partial playlist for the V-Day set:

fat boys - fallin in love
king sun - hey luv
akil - hey luv
gang starr - love sick
the delfonics - song title not disclosed (but this is an easy one)
betty davis - anti-love song
de la soul - betta listen
junior parker - song title not disclosed
precise - no bling (new UK stuff)
sadat x - you can't deny
KMD - plumskinzz
q-tip - uhh something from that unreleased joint
andre 3000 - happy valentine's day
hi tension - song title not disclosed
artist not disclosed - cover version of "jungle fever"
artist not disclosed - song title not disclosed
mad villain - all caps
mad villain - curls
mass hysteria - it aint safe
the pickpockets - green
e-dot - r u up to it
unsung heroes w/ siah and yeshua da poed - the norm
q-unique - the ugly place

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 18, 2004 1:13 AM

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