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February 9, 2004

Nostradamus of this Grammy Sh**

EDIT: After sleeping on it, gotta say the silence from Justin and almost everybody else regarding Janet leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The NY Times review summed it up best:

..that widely shared docility was perhaps the only shocking thing in an evening of pop entertainment that ran the musical gamut from OutKast to Andy Williams. On a night that celebrated both the pioneer rebellion of the Beatles and the truculent defiance of hip-hop, it was strange that no one spoke out in solidarity with a shunned comrade. No one even dared make a joke.

Strange. And boring.


For real, the final tally on my predictions is pretty damn solid, IMHO. My secret is thinking of the voters as bunch of Rosie O'Donnells: They never stop trying to convince you they're hip and au courant, but you can always tell deep down they'd rather be listening to show tunes. Making your picks with this WWRD strategy should give you the right answer at least 75% of the time, as it did for me here. Most of the ones I missed (especially best new artist) were because I disregarded the WWRD principle in favor of my own biases.

I should have known 50 would get completely shut out, he epitomizes the "conventional" rap that voters will always shun. They only vote for hip-hop if it has some element that lets them say "oh this is nice, not like that regular rap."

EDIT: MTV echoes my feelings here".

anyway here go the stats:

The Big Four: 2 for 4 (3 for 4 if you count my dark horse picks) I saw the Coldplay thing coming, but slept on Evanescence riding the same conservative wave.

Rap/R&B: 12 for 14 (13 for 14) - The only one I completely missed was the baffling and appalling nod to "Shake Ya Tailfeather."

Rock/Pop/Etc: 13 for 18 (15 for 18) - Please note how I pegged Jimmy Sturr-Hova for the Polka grammy. I told y'all you don't want it with Hov, ask Walter Ostanek he don't want it with Hov! NOOO!

Country: 1 for 6 (4 for 6) - Ouch. I guess knowing about the music actually helps your picks, who woulda thunk it?

Oh one more thing, I'd be remiss without noting this:

a friend: what is this picture??????
jay smooth: r kelly was wearing a zorro mask throughout the nite
a friend: why
a friend: why
jay smooth: it's the r!
jay smooth: ours is not to question why

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 9, 2004 4:17 AM

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