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February 26, 2004


Emmis Broadcasting is putting a decency policy in place much like Clear Channel's. They own Hot 97 here in NY, let's see if they are be affected..


I'm glad fark.com gives all these twisted minds something to keep themselves occupied, otherwise they might be out in the world doing even freakier things. Some of those are brilliant, actually.


Choice quote on Passions from the Globe and Mail:

"Mel Gibson has made a movie about the God of Love, and produced two hours of non-stop violence. We can only pray that next time, looking to Mars, he'll make a movie about the God of Violence, and produce two hours of non-stop love. That might be porn worth paying for."

I'm on my way to see to see it now at at the Magic Johnson theater on 125th, will report back afterwards. Hope nobody dies at this showing.


BTW O-Dub had been on a rampage lately.

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 26, 2004 7:05 PM

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