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March 15, 2004

Horror Abounds

Okay, somebody just came to this site by searching in Google for "Bobbito Porn." I'm not going to ask what they had in mind, and if you know, please don't tell me.

Other searches that brought people here tonight:

"pimp cup designers in CT"
"hip-hop postmodernity"
"piano negro hip hop"


In other news, Ms. Magazine has a blog now, and their latest entry looks deeper into an issue we wondered about earlier, the scapegoating of Martha Stewart.


I foresee horrific tragedy for the creatures of Middle Earth. Horrific indeed.


And speaking of horrific, somebody please tell me this clip of Rakim doing an promo for goldteethusa.com is some kind of hoax. Please? (via many places but I'll credit it to this blog)


EDIT: Continuing with the horror theme, looks like Donald Rumsfeld skipped class when they covered "How Not to Look Like a Soulless Demon on Television" in Public Relations 101":

Asked on CNN's "Late Edition" if the war was worth the lives of the 564 U.S. soldiers killed, Rumsfeld said, "Oh, my goodness, yes. There's just no question..."

I'd think when you're about to justify the deaths of 564 young americans, you might want to consider prefacing the justification with some expression of remorse, and delivering it in a tone that wouldn't be best described as "giddily enthusiastic." (via submeat)

Posted by jsmooth995 at March 15, 2004 1:44 AM

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