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March 27, 2004

Raqiyah Mays Gets Slot on Hot 97

Raqiyah Mays, who got fired from NY's Power 105 for proclaiming herself a "racist" on the air and detailing her distaste for interracial relationships, will be heard on Power's archrival Hot 97 this Sunday from 1 to 5 PM, according to the press release her people just sent me.

If nothing else, this sure is a clever ratings ploy by Hot 97's boss Tracy Cloherty. Raqiyah's comments have sparked lots of discussion here on our site and elsewhere, and I'm sure lots of people will be tuning in on Sunday to hear some sparks fly.

I'm curious to hear which Raqiyah Mays will show up.. will she be using that blunt "I'm a racist" language of her original remarks, or the diplomatic "I just have concerns about the community" tone she switched to after the fact.

3/28/04 EDIT: Listening now.. there's no discussion going on, and her on-air demeanor as she refers to the controversy is really irritating and self-congratulatory. I'm turning to Felix Hernandez Rhythm Revue on 98.7 KISS.

Posted by jsmooth995 at March 27, 2004 2:57 AM

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