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May 20, 2004

More Remembrance of Elvin Jones

Here are a few more words on Elvin from the esteemed composer/scholar/multi-instrumentalist Bill Cole, who authored one of the most respected Coltrane biographies (which we've cited before).

Hi Folk,

I saw Elvin Jones play on numerous occasions during the sixties in the John Coltrane Quartet. There are three times that stand out in my head. One was in the late fifties when he was the young drummer in the trio of Bud Powell. Not only was he an excellent accompanist but also saw that Bud was okay and helped him remember what city he was in. This was in Pittsburgh. The second time was playing with the Quartet in a club in Pittsburgh called the Crawford Grill # 2. The first set was beginning but Elvin was no where to be found. I heard John say to one of the members of the group "where is the world's greatest drummer." Finally Elvin comes through the door with a large piece of ribs he had gotten at a rib place called the Silver Pig across the street from the club. He had his usual big smile and looked like he was having a great time. The third time was in the same Club, late in the evening, in fact is was the last set of the night. Elvin and John started a duet and played for the next hour and forty-five minutes. It was truly an astounding event with Elvin driving and pushing Trane, never relinquishing his power and his imaginative approach to the drums. He was the greatest drummer of that era. One of the greatest drummers of all time and the strength and pulse behind Trane's creativity. He took John Coltrane to new heights and kept him there.

Bill Cole

In case you missed it, Warren Smith's remembrances are here.

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