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May 14, 2004

Relax Yourself, No Preset Plan

Have you ever loved a song for years and sang along to it thousands of times, then one day discovered you were totally wrong about all the lyrics?

"Super Stupid" has always been my favorite Funkadelic track (or at least my favorite of their "who says a funk band can't play rock" tracks), so today I googled it to see if I might be getting one or two words wrong. Turns out to be more than one or two. Here is what I've been singing to myself for 15 years or so:

Super stupid what a fashion fad
Thought he was good but he was scared
Super stupid you go one on one
and his eyes begin to bulge and his nose begins to run

Oh stupid what you up to now?
You're a maggot brain, your wizard frowns
Super stupid you're a engineer
You've lost the fight and the winner is fear

And here, according to google, are the actual words:

Super stupid bought a nickel bag
Thought it was coke, but it was skag
Super stupid did a one and one
Then his eyes begin to water and his nose begin to run

Oh! stupid with your ups and downs
Your maggot brain, your grins and frowns
Super stupid you're here today
You've lost the fight and the winner is fear

Doh! I have too much of an attachment to my version, I'm not sure I can adjust to this.

EDIT: Here is the actual song, for a limited time. Listen and read along with my lyrics, I swear I'm not crazy!! It totally sounds like "fashion fad" and "engineer."

Posted by jsmooth995 at May 14, 2004 4:06 PM

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