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July 16, 2004

I, Robot: Once Again the Brother Gets No Love

A couple of months ago my friends and I watched the trailer for "I Robot," and as soon as they introduced Bridget Moynihan as the co-star I said "oh, this is gonna be another movie where they don't let the Black leading man have any romance with the white leading lady, even though the formula would always call for romance otherwise."

My friends kinda scoffed and said "nahhh, are things still really that bad?" But sure enough, check out the reviews:

Smith carries the movie on his broad and often bare shoulders, which is a heavy load since nearly everyone including the human cast acts like automatons.. Moynahan brings a stiff beauty to the role of the techno-scientist, but her timid filmmakers won't allow romantic sparks to fly between their black male and white female leads. That's not futuristic; that's retro."

I told you so! Hollywood's (and America's) fear of Black male sexuality is alive and well.

Posted by jsmooth995 at July 16, 2004 7:28 PM

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