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August 27, 2004

Mason Betha Infidelity Scandal!!!!!!!

This is from Howard University's paper. Scandalous!!!!

Students Question Mase's Credibility as a Minister

Students welcomed back rapper-turned-minister Mason "Mase" Betha from his five-year retirement at a meet-and-greet in Cramton Auditorium last Friday. Hosted by Entertainment Power Players (EPP), the Bad Boy Records artist signed autographs, with messages such as "Jesus cares about you" to promote his new album "Welcome Back," for two hours. Along with a similar message, Mase gave a cell phone number where he could be reached to Erica Pinkett, a freshman psychology major, with "don't talk" written below. As a result, some students question Mase's credibility as a minister...

...When escorted by security out of the auditorium and into an escalade around 5 p.m. Friday, fans crowded the side of the vehicle pleading for autographs and pictures. Mase rolled his window down halfway and signed a few handbills until the path in front of the vehicle was cleared of pedestrians. It was at this time that the married minister wrote the contact information on a handbill and gave it to Pinkett. "I came out just because Mase is a cool guy," the freshman said. "I just wanted to meet him."

After interviewing Pinkett and viewing her handbill, a Hilltop reporter called several times. When a young man answered, the reporter explained how she had gotten the number and requested a brief interview with Mase. Sounding confused, the young man hung up the phone and called back within 10 minutes to say that Mase was playing around by giving out the number and that the number did not belong to him. The young man, who identified himself as a Bad Boy Records intern, said the interview request would be passed to Mase. Within 30 minutes, Mase called the reporter's cell phone and questioned how the number on the handbill had been retrieved. He then claimed to have given the freshman the contact information "to get her off my back" because she supposedly pestered him for it. Pinkett later said that she called the number but that she and Mase never met...

Paging Wendy Williams...

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