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August 30, 2004

Other Protest Notes

There were some ridiculous arrests: Mike of Satan's Laundromat, Joshua Kinberg of Bikes Against Bush and many others at Friday's Critical Mass bike ride.. plus Rosario Dawson on Sunday?? Rosario was filming a remake of the cult-classic "Medium Cool," which mixed actors in with the real life action of the 1968 convention protests. So maybe the arrest will make into the film?

But overall I thought most cops on Sunday did quite a fine job. Early on in the day I saw the guys from protestwarrior.com try to instigate something by slipping inside the main march and baiting people with their sarcastic fake protest signs. Pretty soon they ran into some anarchist kids and a scuffle ensued, and the cops immediately did the right thing and simply booted the right-wingers out of the march, and set them up where they belonged, over on the side in a sad and tiny counterprotest.

So five-o should get credit where it's due, as they did from the marchers around me who started a "give the cops a raise!" chant on 34th st.

These guys have a nice collection of RNC blog feeds, while the booby prize for worst commentary so far goes to Jeff Jarvis' anti-protesting rant. Nuff respect to Jeff as a major player in blogville, but I often disagree with his political analysis, and he's rarely been further off than he was there. Everybody doesn't have the same talents, interests, and resources as you, Jeff.. expressing yourself individually via mass media is what works best for you, and more power to you for sticking with it. But that doesn't make it the most constructive choice for everybody else.

Posted by jsmooth995 at August 30, 2004 7:23 PM

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