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September 2, 2004

Sage Francis on Buck 65's Comments

Someone posted my Buck 65 post on the Non Prophets message board, and some were expecting Sage Francis would come to Buck's defense in the thread. But (to his credit) Sage's comments turn out to be, umm, less than supportive:

...Buck has had his head up his arse for many years now.

I'm surprised he's going public with it.


...Buck knows his hiphop. Yes, even Jeru. heh.

He has been into it since the early 80's, which is why I kinda cringe when I hear new jacks criticize him. He KNOWS his shit.

he just...is.....f**king up, man.

It's very difficult for me to comment on this shit knowing all the I know, so I should have just kept to myself....but those comments rubbed me so wrong. Just like him canceling the show in NYC without notifying me. And other shit too....

Hey Buckaroo....I know your manager or current hand-holder will read this to you:

get your head out of your pretentious asshole.


...I understand what he is getting at, but he is taking the wrong steps.

It's insulting to think that he doesn't understand some people have and ARE doing what he says doesn't exist in hiphop.

before he learns and instrument he should relearn rhythm.

rappers are doing shit that can't even be transcribed in musical notation.

hiphop producers are breaking traditions and creating sub-cultures with innovation and ingenious technology.

He needs friends who aren't revolving door girlfriends. that's all.

My post has also sparked lively discussions on soulstrut.com, ILM, and the Restiform bodies message board, where the author of the Kerrang! article even popped in with his 2 cents.

Posted by jsmooth995 at September 2, 2004 5:32 PM

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