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October 28, 2004

Chuck D on Voting

I recently had the chance to chat with Chuck D, who was kind enough to stay on his cell phone with me for a good hour as he drove through Ohio. Most of our talk will appear in a future project that you'll have to wait for, but I'm gonna sneak in his comments about the election while I can. I could almost swear Chuck's words here are aimed at Nas' anti-voting rants.

Chuck: ...Organizations are encouraging young people to vote, which to me I think is like, yes, itís so necessary. Itís like washing up in the morning. But I'd say thereís a bigger picture to even that. That, okay, in December 2004, how are the issues gonna be met? And whoís keeping score? My thing if youíre voting and you aint keepiní score, what the f**k are you voting for?

That's why when people are like "yeah you know, Kerry, you
know straight up, that nigga the devil, you know? So, Bush, Kerry, they
the same niggas" Öitís like, you're not keepiní score though! And if youíre not keeping score, donít even pass a comment.

Cuz the one thing with Bush, you gotta understand whatís on the table to knocked off immediately. Child Care. Health. You know, these are things that are like one and two in our area. Donít even get in the discussion of jobs cuz we ain't got Black businesses or encouragement for Black businesses, and then you ain't even have encouragement for education that tells you itís possible to have a Black business that ties into the diaspora. All that shit is out the first day that Bush continues to stay in office. So when a cat tells me that the cats are one and the same.. dude, alright. But are you keeping score?

Posted by jsmooth995 at October 28, 2004 3:31 AM

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