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October 6, 2004

Edwards-Cheney, Please Tell Me What To Think

Relying on a shaky webstream for the debate last night, it was impossible for me to properly assess the outcome.. so I looked to blogville for answers, but they only brought more confusion.

The (moderate) lefties at Pandagon thought Cheney dominated, at least in the first half.. but the (moderate) righty Andrew Sullivan diagnosed the VP as "roadkill." Come on people, make up your minds! I need someone to tell me what my opinion is supposed to be!

From what I heard and halfway saw I thought Edwards was ok, but could have been much stronger (about what I thought of Kerry), while Cheney exceeded expectations by failing to have a heart attack, and not reminding anybody too much of Darth Vader.

I did enjoy Cheney's humbled silence after Edwards ran off Dick's despicable voting record in Congress (He voted against the MLK holiday! He voted against getting Mandela out of jail!! He voted to outlaw puppies and rainbows!!!)

The only thing I can say without a shred of doubt is the moderator sucked ass. AJ and Free could have run things better than that. Or better yet, next time we should get Wendy Williams.

So, my esteemed readers, can you please tell me who won?

EDIT: Slate is running down how Edwards fell short, while a commenter on Pandagon points out a sweet Cheney gaffe: Instead of inviting viewers to factcheck.org for the truth about his record, Cheney gave the wrong URL and sent everybody to factcheck.com, which redirects to George Soros' vehemently anti-bush homepage. D'oh!

EDIT 2: Let me see if I've got this straight.. Cheney's explanation of the American casualties in Iraq is: "Sure, over 1,000 Americans have died, but hey, a thousand of our Iraqi allies have died too!" Oh, yeah that makes me feel much better.

Posted by jsmooth995 at October 6, 2004 2:05 AM

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