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October 21, 2004

I Watched the Yankees Lose, and I Liked It

Come on, honestly. The winningest and most arrogant sports franchise of all time suffering the single most humbling defeat in the history of sports. How can you not love that?

Besides, the Yankees didn't have anyone on my Yahoo fantasy team, which was carried to the championship by David Ortiz and Mark Bellhorn. I'm pretty sure that's how the curse was broken, in fact.

The Times has a lot of good coverage, including Selena Roberts' breakdown of why the Yankees' attempts to conquer the world with high-priced mercenaries have always doomed to failure.

Most interesting to me is how frustrated Jeter sounds, in that piece and elsewhere, with how the team has been run for the last few years.. Since 2000 the Yankees have tried to reclaim their throne by assembling a new set of million dollar robots every year, hoping they will combine to form an invincible Voltron. But none of the Yankee teams that made up their 90s dynasty were built this way, the backbone of all those teams were guys like Jeter, Bernie, Mariano.. basically homegrown players who became stars by finding a role to play in their Yankee team.. right now those guys must feel like they are the only ones who remember that.

But really, this season was over for the Yankees as soon they began it by screwing Andy Pettite. The lesson is clear: They started the year by dissing their most ardent christian, and ended the year getting schooled by Jesus himself.

Posted by jsmooth995 at October 21, 2004 12:44 PM

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