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October 1, 2004

The NY Press Rides the Railroad

If you're gonna get mentioned in the NY Press' annual "Best of Manhattan" issue, it's much cooler to be victimized by one of their snarky hatchet jobs (like the Gawker crew this year). But here's a little item Debra Dickerson might enjoy next time she's googling me:



Don't ever stop. Thirteen years and still going strong, WBAI's (99.5 F.M.) Underground Railroad on Saturday nights at midnight is the little radio show that could. Monk1 and Emskee are diggers of the highest order, dropping their needle on obscure grooves, soul, funk, hiphop, pop, reggae and house. (Monk is also one of the editors at the record geek bible, Wax Poetic.) Jay Smooth, who started the two-hour slot as a teenager, is still the host. The alumni of the show speaks for itself: 3D, Qool Marv, Spinna and a host of other dusty finger dudes. If you want to learn what DJing is all about, tape these shows. Or when your date ditches you on a Saturday night to go out with some guy who's got deeper pockets, tune in and zone out. Sigh.

One correction: DJ 3D is still a starting member of our team, although I'm sure it won't be long until he is indeed too large for us, if all these rappers keep snatching up his beats.

Of course we all pale in comparison to Wonkette, who just graced the cover of the NY Times magazine.. I've had a blog-crush on her for quite some time (skewering vice magazine is the surest way to my heart), but I'd never seen what she looks like.. would it be unenlightened for me to note that she's, like, totally hot?

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