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January 11, 2005

Ego Trip Presents VH1’s Race-O-Rama

The boys are back in town:

The Return of Race-O-Rama

Bold as Rosa Parks requesting a front row seat, this year Black History Month’s usual television line-up will be shaken up by another definitive racism-bashing moment. Race-O-Rama, a potently funny, yet serious look at America’s biggest taboo subject—race—promises to propel our culture’s both subtle and blatant lingering racism into the forefront of national debate.

Direct, in-your-face, humorous and irreverent, VH1’s Race-O-Rama series is an encore engagement and on-going collaboration with groundbreaking underground culture provocateurs, the ego trip collective. Based on the success of their previous collaboration with VH1, TV’s Illst Minority Moments special that aired last February, the series promises to open up minds with a stark but humorous look at our ignorance on” the R word”, “the race issue”, a.k.a. “the new pornography” according to ego trip.

Three one-hour shows, “Blackaphobia”, “Dude, Where’s My Ghetto Pass” and “In Race We Lust”, scheduled for late February are based on the vision of ego trip, a quintet of multi-cultural and racially-mixed mavericks: Sacha Jenkins, Elliott Wilson, Chairman Mao, Gabriel Alvarez and Brent Rollins. Nailing a place on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the Top 25 Funniest People in America, the crew of agit-pop journalists and publishers of the defunct, indie cult-hit mag, ego trip, are co-authors of ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists and ego trip’s Big Book of Racism!, the latter of which caught the attention of executives at VH1...

I'm proud to say I contributed to the first episode of this show, by telling them about Richard Pryor's appearance on the Partridge Family. Can't wait to see what they have cooked up this time. Also note the last line: "Beginning March 2005, Sirius Radio will host ego trip’s live, two hour radio program on Eminem’s Shade45."

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