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January 12, 2005

Eminem vs. David Mays, Live and In Person

As you are surely aware by now, I am obliged to gloat about any scandal that befalls DAvid Mays or Benzino. There's a little more to this story than what has come out so far, but I am sworn to secrecy.. look around for more details tomorrow.

Below is a mix of MTV's current report and their earlier edit that rapnewsdirect cribbed wholesale:

Eminem and David Mays Face Off at Radio Station

On Tuesday evening in Detroit, Em and Source co-owner David Mays got into an off-air verbal confrontation at radio station WDTJ-FM.

Reports are still coming in, but according to sources close to the altercation, Mays was being interviewed at the station for an evening radio program. Some of Mays' words were directed toward the Motor City SoundScan king.

Shortly thereafter, Eminem arrived at the station with approximately 10 men. While sources say that no violence took place, there was plenty of shouting and four-letter words being flung...

..."[Eminem] starts yelling at the program director, 'You're a punk for letting this guy come up to the station.' The show basically ended, and I left and came to New York," he said.

Coincidentally, last time I talked to David Mays he was calling me a punk for letting some guys come up to the radio station and talk about him (namely James Bernard and Reginald Dennis). Many four letter words were flung on that occasion as well.

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