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January 28, 2005

Rally At Hot 97 Studios

1/31/05 UPDATE: Todd Lynn Fired

8PM EDIT: NY1's report on the rally is here, they estimated the crowd at 100. But NY Newsday calls it at 200 (I told you so!), and they pass on a new statement from Hot 97 that claims "the salaries of Miss Jones and the morning show crew will be donated to tsunami relief efforts 'for the duration of this suspension.'" Newsday also has photos of the rally here.

6PM EDIT: Latest news coverage - Daily News, Newsday. Please pass on details of TV/radio coverage from today's rally if you catch it!

3PM EDIT: Jimmy Meng's office passed on this update: "based on multiple phone calls from Assemblyman Jimmy Meng (the first Asian-American in the NY State Assembly) and NYC Councilman Bill Perkins, the following companies have withdrawn their ads: Coca-Cola, Toyota, Reebok, H&R Block, Babies R Us."

I just got back from Hot 97's studios, where at least 150-200 people came out in the FREEZING COLD. I'm sure Hot 97 and Emmis thought the cold would keep everyone home, and this controversy might start dying down. But today it was clear that the community is more organized and energized than ever.

Everyone from students to grandmothers, from Hip-Hoppers (Kuttin Kandi, Rosa Clemente) to City Councilmen (John Liu, Bill Perkins, Charles Barron and more), came out to speak against Hot 97's hate radio. I'll be featuring activists from today's rally on my radio show, Saturday at Midnight on WBAI 99.5 FM in NY. You can tune in online here. (and we're in our fundraising drive for WBAI right now, so any support you can call in and give tomorrow will be greatly appreciated! You'll help keep anti-racist radio alive)

Here are some pictures sent in by Cheryl, a protestor from Cardozo School of Law (I will post my own pics here soon:


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