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January 28, 2005

Todd Lynn Speaks to Hiphopmusic.com

1/31/05 UPDATE: Todd Lynn Fired

I spoke to Todd Lynn tonight via AOL Instant Messenger for over an hour. I will post the conversation verbatim in its entirety, and let you judge it for yourself. I have only edited his phone number and the identity of a journalist that was mentioned:

Jay Smooth Is this Todd Lynn? this is Jay Smooth from hiphopmusic.com
Todd Lynn yes
Jay Smooth So you want to give your side of the story?
Todd Lynn call me dude your rasing some bullshit
Todd Lynn I am not a racsist
Jay Smooth what is bullshit about it? you are on the song aren't you? and you're on the tape saying "i'm gona shoot some asians" aren't you?
Todd Lynn Song
Todd Lynn not really a side just the truth of what happened
Todd Lynn not reciving anything from you
Jay Smooth i'm here.. so what is not true about the information I have presented, are you not on the song?
Todd Lynn you can call me at [***-***-****]
Todd Lynn Dude I as all of us are very sorry about the song but we are not racsist we made a very bad mistake
Todd Lynn I understand were you are coming from but trust me no one onthe show is a racsist
Jay Smooth but it wasn't a mistake when you sang it and recorded it, it wasn't a mistake when you played it on the air, it wasn't a mistake when you played the next day, and then the next day, and the next..
Todd Lynn That was the Mistake , how many time in your life have you fucked up
Todd Lynn Dude lets have a hate typing open diolouge on the phone
Jay Smooth if you are willing to have me tape it and put it on the website
Todd Lynn How can i trust A guy thats been killing me and I do mean killing me all over the world ,the reason most of this shit got to the point it is is because everbody is not informed on what happened that day
Jay Smooth so what is the information they dont have..
Todd Lynn we all are very sorry for the song! very poor tastse and bad judgement but none of us are bigots
Jay Smooth what was your part in making the song? whose idea was it?
Todd Lynn What I will tell you is Miss Jones had Nothing to do with the writing are producing of the song are the voicing. she works from home and has been doing that for several months
Jay Smooth who wrote and produced it?
Todd Lynn Not Miss Jones
Jay Smooth does she not speak english? did she not hear the lyrics when she played it, for four days in a row?
Todd Lynn your way off base with the race shit, Mistake Dude Bad mistake And we are all very sorry. dont make poor judgement into race thing just by seeing what you have organnized i know you are smarter than that
Jay Smooth So you don't believe that it is racist to call people chinks? And to say I'm gonna shoot some asians"?
Todd Lynn This was not even a company thing, It was a badd fuckup that we apologized for.
Jay Smooth Actually you have not apologized
Todd Lynn my comments were taken out of context
Jay Smooth How can they be taken out of context when we have it all on tape?
Todd Lynn do you mean Me myself
Jay Smooth I mean whatever you think is taken out of context
Todd Lynn let me try and explain again ,dude i am a big black guy who catches hell out here every day trust me I am not racist
Jay Smooth i am waiting for you to explain but you are not answering anyting
Jay Smooth if somebvody calls you nigger, it doesnt matter how many times he says he's not racist
Jay Smooth what he did is still racist
Todd Lynn well let s say this you have shut my shit down.
Jay Smooth YOU did this to yourself.
Jay Smooth all i did was tell people what you did
Todd Lynn if you say so but all you did was jump on a guy that tried to be funny during a argument and like i said came out fucked up and out of context
Jay Smooth so what is the context that is missing?
Todd Lynn have you ever said nigga before?
Jay Smooth no, i don't use that word
Todd Lynn if you have are you racist
Todd Lynn well good not many cansay that
Jay Smooth why have you never apologized?
Todd Lynn Got suspended!
Jay Smooth you had plenty of time to apologize, on the day miss jones read her apology
Jay Smooth and you had a week to realize on your own that what you were doing was wrong
Jay Smooth but NOBODY was sorry until after their backs were against the wall..
Todd Lynn because the beging of my stament got cut off by the mike s clipping in and out during the argument I did not even know the whole tatement did not go out over the air waves
Todd Lynn shit I found out throw all the press and the emails
Jay Smooth what whole statement?
Todd Lynn the part you did not hear because the mikes went in and out
Jay Smooth Listen, seriously, you need to come up with a better lie than that. I've been doing radio for 15 years, I know what it sounds like when mics are clipping in and out..
Jay Smooth You sound ridiculous right now
Todd Lynn Hot 97 shit is goofy
Todd Lynn you dont have to believe me but thats truth listen, I am really taking a beating and regardless of what you think I am very remorsefull and sorry about all this Stuff but Dude I asian family members
Todd Lynn yo call me dude what you got to lose
Jay Smooth i will tape a conversation with you and post it, otherwise it is a waste of time
Jay Smooth you are not answering any questions anyway
Todd Lynn You are not acomplishing anything by making racist out of people that made a dumb mistake
Todd Lynn I told you the truth
Jay Smooth when was it that you realized that the song was racist?
Jay Smooth and what action did you take?
Todd Lynn Dude i dont know you and you have already started a smear action against me and never did any secondary work put my name on the web my personal info and just ran with tape shit you know it had to more to the story than that
Jay Smooth I didn't put your personal info out, somebody else did that and i deleted it.. and I have not smeared you, I simply showed people what you did.. what do YOU think is the appropriate punishment for waht you did?
Todd Lynn I am a comedian Check my record i never have once during my act or on the air made any type of racial refferances or derogatory remarks about any race of people
Jay Smooth What about calling Russell Simmons a coon?
Todd Lynn Bro I am finished , personally and proffesionally behind all of this so what I think does not Matter
Todd Lynn That was a caller
Jay Smooth So you never called Russell Simmons a coon?
Jay Smooth You know that you are on a radio show, that people tape, right?
Todd Lynn and once again another subject you are not fully versed on , But you know what we make fun of other people on the radio everyday
Jay Smooth So you don't think what you did was all that serious, to get this much attention?
Todd Lynn Dude once again I am a Comedian You know how many people call me a Dumbass nigga everyday calling in when they call in
Jay Smooth A minute ago you said you never use any racial slurs or derogatory remarks
Todd Lynn No I think it was very serious! And once again I am Sorry , No I said I was Not A racist
Jay Smooth So how should you be punished?
Jay Smooth How will you make it right?
Todd Lynn I have never made any vicious are millchious racist remarks about any onre
Jay Smooth Calling the tsunami victims screamng chinks is not malicious?
Todd Lynn Like I said I am Paying right now Lost My job my Integrity, and made one of the biggest mistakes of my life but really have no ill will to any race of people
Jay Smooth Aren't you just suspended with pay? you haven't lost your job
Todd Lynn Look no matter what I tell You , the Ball is already working , like I said a little while ago your just killing aguy that fucked up not a racist
Jay Smooth If you're not a racist why didn't you see anything wrong with those lyrics, when you sang them?
Todd Lynn Cmon!! dude where do you get your facts
I not trying to plead my case here
whether you admit it are not you indited a fuckup who made a mistake
Todd Lynn not a person who hates other races of people
Jay Smooth you are not anserwing any of my questions.. are you on an unpaid suspension?
Jay Smooth you say i dont have all the facts, but you dont have any facts to give me
Todd Lynn I am very sorry For the song and nothing I write or say will be enough for anyone , but for my own sake because I am dealing with what I did and My involvement I am apologizing and am deeply sorry for all of this but that racist bullshit I aint claiming that
Jay Smooth Can I post this apology on the website?
Jay Smooth What good is it to apologize to me? There are millions of people who are offended by what you did.. and you are still saying it was not racist
Jay Smooth I will post verbatim the conversation and apology here.. anything else you want to say you can put it here
Jay Smooth Is that all you have to say?
Todd Lynn your posting this? Why
Jay Smooth To let your words speak for yourselves.. I have to end the conversation now, but if you change your mind about putting an interview on tape let me know. There is also a reporter from [***] who asked if I knew how to contact you or miss jones, I will put him in contact with you if you are willing to do that. Thank you for speaking with me.
Todd Lynn no Thanks
Jay Smooth Alright, is there anything else you want to say to the people who will read this?
Todd Lynn nah afraid you might twist my words up and it will be the start of a new onslaught of problems more calls to my house more threats .
Todd Lynn Some how this will come out fucked up also
Jay Smooth You will be able to see in a minute when i post it that nothing is changed. And you can add whatever you want in the comments section as well. Again, if you are willing to put something on tape please let me know
Todd Lynn man this typing shit is killing me
Todd Lynn and I said what I needed to say
Jay Smooth Alright, thank you again for speaking with me, goodnight.

He also spoke tonight with trickology.com, here.

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