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January 31, 2005

Who Should Be Held Responsible?

1/31/05 UPDATE: Todd Lynn Fired

An e-mail was sent around this weekend from a supposed "informed insider" at Hot 97. This email appears to have come from someone in Miss Jones and Todd Lynn's camp, twisting the facts around hoping to deflect responsibility from them.

It seems to be true, as claimed in the email, that producer Rick Delgado wrote the song and that Miss Jones did not sing on it. But the email falsely implies that Todd Lynn did not sing on the "tsunami song," which he did. Even Todd himself did not deny his presence on the song, when he spoke publicly to this site and trickology.com.

It also states that Miss Jones has no control over the programming of the morning show, which is false. It is clear from what was heard on air that Miss Jones eagerly approved the airing of the song, and specifically ordered it to be played again one morning that week, after a caller complained.

The e-mail claims that the staff was somehow forced "under duress" to record the song, which is laughable. What sort of "duress" was it exactly, did management put a gun to their heads? CLearly they were not threatened with losing their jobs, because Miss Info refused to participate and faced no such consequences.

The e-mail also seems to hope we will forget the abusive statements made by both Jones and Lynn in defense of the song, when they were berating Miss Info for raising an objection to it.

Assuming it is true, as was already reported elsewhere, that Producer Rick Delgado wrote and produced the song, clearly he should be held fully responsible for that. But does this absolve Todd Lynn of his responsibility for singing on the song, or Miss Jones' responsibility for ordering it to be aired repeatedly? Or for the further abuse and bigotry they aimed at Miss Info, after she objected to the song?

Clearly the blame for this cannot fall only on these on-air personalities. But is it possible to address this properly without holding them fully accountable for their roles? And what about the management and higher-ups at Hot 97 and Emmis who allowed this to happen, where is their accountability? If you, the people, have an opinion on this you better make it known, because wheels are turning right now...

Posted by jsmooth995 at January 31, 2005 10:12 AM

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