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February 17, 2005

Miss Info Speaks, Reports Hot 97 is Trying to Fire Her

Miss Info spoke out tonight for the first time since leaving Hot 97's airwaves, in an interview with UPN 9 News. Here is the complete audio of UPN's report. Incredibly, she reports that Emmis/Hot 97 is theatening to fire her, as soon as tomorrow.

A longer news piece on Monday's protest is up here.

Transcript (thanks Prema, and Dex):

BRENDA: She calls herself Miss Info and she's a big name on Hot 97 but she tells us that her bosses are threatening to fire her in the morning. Megan Vega with the story for you. Good evening Megan.

MEGAN: Well Good evening Brenda. Ms Info is hearing some info tonight
about her absence from HOT 97's Morning Show and in an exclusive
interview she says that she's kind of in her own celebrity drama.

MISS INFO: "I'm really confused and kinda hurt because yknow the
station, um, has made a policy, um and stated that they feel that the
tsunami song was wrong but yeah I'm the one person who kinda
represented those ideals from the start but I feel like I'm being

MEGAN: "For the first time Ms. Info from Hot 97 is speaking publicly
about the now infamous tsunami song.

MISS INFO: I objected to the tsunami song, um not just because I'm
Asian American but because I'm a human being.

MEGAN: After the song was played, the station caught some serious
flak, DJs were fired and others including Ms Jones were suspended and
a 1 million dollar donation was made to a relief effort. Now the
Morning Show is back but Miss Info is missing and her attorney,
Kenneth Thompson, says the station is threatening to fire her.

MISS INFO'S ATTORNEY: "Ms Info has been more than willing to go back
to work immediately if her requests are met."

MEGAN: Miss Info wants the workplace hostility to be addressed and she
doesn't want to work with Ms Jones. She wants to talk to her audience
and explain her absence and she would like to see a diversity program
started in the community.
Hot 97's reply, quote: "We have previously stated that Miss Info was
not suspended and we would absolutely like her back on the air at Hot
97. We have not been able to get an answer from her or her attorney on
whether or not she is coming back but we are hopeful she'll return."

MEGAN: Miss Info's attorney says that the station is lying, he insists
that he and his client have been in contact with the station and if
Miss Info loses her job tomorrow - well, he and his client are
prepared to sue. We're live outside the Hot 97 studio, Megan Vega UPN News.

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