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February 28, 2005

Shooting Outside Hot 97 Tonight, After 50 Cent Interview Attacking Game

NY's Fox 5 News is reporting a shooting outside Hot 97 tonight. No details yet, but many of you will be aware that 50 Cent and G Unit were there tonight, stirring up lots of drama on Flex's show. I'll post details as I get them.

(Most of 50's comments tonight were aimed at Game, and they were not of a friendly sort. I'm sure the audio will be all over by tomorrow. EDIT: in fact, MTV is already on it. Shaheem is on point.)

EDIT: Fox had another report from Lisa Evers, who hosts "Street Soldiers" at Hot.. she was in the building when it happened, and was told to evacuate along with everyone else who was running out of the building, saying there was a shooting. 50 and his entourage were not hit, they were shuffled out of a back entrance. A 20 year old male was shot in the leg and thigh, and is expected to recover... that's about all she had.

11:30 PM EDIT: Game's brother Big Fase is posting on Game's Black Wall Street website, saying:

"them hoe ass niggaz security shot my lil homie. its all bad @the radio station."

[second post]
he got shot 3times.he is ok.
it wasnt 50cent security,it was 1 of his niggaz though.
im holdin 50cent responsible.

Also on blackwallstreet, someone posted a report that Sway gave on KMEL:

"Game came to the building with BWS and in the end one of BWS was shot 2 times but will be ok. Also said that 50 is going to diss eminem and dre and he wants nothing to do with interscope. MTV will have and interview but not all questions will be shown"

SOHH is reporting the victim was one of 50's security.

1:30 EDIT: Here is the audio of the interview, and here is the moment when 50 was told of the shooting and ushered out of the studio.

Whatever the details turn out to be, after the blissful nostalgia of our Public Enemy weekend this sure is a sobering return to reality. As Mr. Fishburne said: Welcome to the desert of the real.

I just hope this doesn't escalate any further. It almost seems tragically poetic that all this takes place as hip-hop activists plan a protest against Hot 97's misrepresentation of hip-hop, this friday at Union Square.

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 28, 2005 11:59 PM

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