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February 8, 2005

UPDATED: Miss Jones' Comeback Postponed, British Parliament and Howard Stern Speak on Hot

2/8/05 UPDATE: The Miss Jones morning show was expected to finish their suspension and return to Hot 97 tomorrow morning, but now it is reported that her comeback will be postponed, until Friday at the earliest.

2/7/05 - Today's NY Newsday had a solid overview of the story as it stands now, except they spelled Miss Info's real name wrong (It's Oh, not Oho).

Last week members of British Parliament took America to task for Hot 97's Tsunami song, in the house of Commons. Their statement is detailed in the comments here, along with the outcry from Chinese and Sri Lankan communities in the UK.

And Howard Stern of all people voiced his disapproval of the song on his Friday morning show. His crew expressed amazement that Miss Jones is being allowed to return, and he suggested the other staff are merely "taking the fall" for her. Here's a synopsis from his site:

Howard said he heard the song and it was lame, unfunny and poorly produced. He also said the song was really out of line for mocking people who are dying from a natural disaster.

Howard said because he's leaving terrestrial radio, many of these "shock jocks" are tripping over themselves to replace him by being as shocking as possible. Howard predicted that once he's over at SIRIUS, we will hear about a lot of DJ's getting in trouble because they'll be trying to be as shocking as possible to get headlines.

Howard listened to a clip from the Miss Jones Show the other day and said that Miss Jones just screams a lot, it was really annoying to listen to.

What he found almost more offensive than the Tsunami song, however, was the promo the show ran going into a break. In the promo, they claim to be the "#1 morning radio show in New York." Howard wondered how they were able to claim that distinction since he's the #1 morning show in NY with an 8.0 while the Miss Jones show was #9 with a 3.7. Howard said if everyone can just say they are #1, what's the point of actually being #1?

Robin wanted to know why Miss Jones wasn't fired after she played the song on her show four times! Howard said it looked like someone else had to take the fall for her.

Miss Jones is still expected to return this Wednesday. More protests are likely in response, and I'll post details as soon as they are available.

Many others are also working on how to keep organizing and moving on from here with long term projects, which might be the best thing that comes of all this.

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 8, 2005 5:03 PM

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