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March 18, 2005

A Conversation With C Murder

C Murder spoke to me last week from inside Jefferson Parish prison, for an interview that's up now at SOHH.com. I wanted to dig a lot deeper than I did but we only had 15 minutes before they cut us off.. It's always a trip to hear the different definitions people have for "hip-hop," depending on their point of view.

(despite his confidence here, a few days after we spoke his hopes for a second trial got shot down)

((Further exploration at Government Names))

Phonecheck: C-Murder Calls SOHH, Talks Dirty Judicial System, New Album, and Life In The Inside

SOHH: How has the game changed since the last time you came out?

C-Murder: Well, we don't really get videos here, but when I travel to another parish I get to see the videos, and I occasionally hear the radio over the phone. And I'm seeing a lot of beefing and warring, or it's all about what you got, your diamonds and your Rolexes. So you try to come hardcore but it keeps coming back to that flossing and that beef, and I ain't really with that. We need to get back to what's happening, start spitting that knowledge to the people and stay away from these conflicts.

SOHH: The beef is really heating up now with Game and 50.

C-Murder: Yeah I saw something like that on the news but I really didn't know what was going on. I just try to put my head down from that, really. All this foolishness there, we need to sit down in a room like men. We're either gonna work together or we ain't gonna be together. There's enough money out there for everybody.

SOHH: On the new single you say "I spit that gangsta rap, forget that hip-hop" What's the difference between gangsta rap and hip-hop?

C-Murder: Well hip-hop is more of a party and dance type of thing with a fun attitude, and there ain't nothing wrong with that, I love it. But with what I'm going through right now I don't want to talk about no parties, cuz I ain't having no parties in here. I want to spit straight gangsta sh!t that's real. Let people know what happens on the dark side of life.

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