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March 22, 2005

Dark Days at the Source

This week SOHH.com takes us behind the scenes at The Source, and it's not a pretty picture:

Behind Closed Doors At The Source Magazine

...Nearly a year-and-a-half after submitting an article to The Source, one former writer is still attempting to be compensated for his work. He says the editors he reported to screen their calls and avoid freelancers. After receiving the run-around one to many times, he recently took the publication to small claims court.

Another unpaid writer: "[I'm owed] over $3000 for invoices that are 3 months to a year old. I got a check from them in December 2003 that bounced and it took them months to repay me for the bounced check. I've contacted nearly a dozen people about payment, and most of them have since quit or been laid off. I heard they're down to about 15 employees," the writer told SOHH.com exclusively. "I know of an editor that quit because he didn't get paid," the writer revealed. "It's only a matter of time until they file bankruptcy."

...The mag has seen several of its key personnel depart over the last 6 months. Among them are Chris White (Publisher), Jeremy Miller (COO), Michelle Joyce (VP of Marketing), Tracii McGregor (VP of Content & Communications), Kim Osorio (Editor-in-Chief), Adila Francis (Managing Editor), Jonathan "Gotti" Bonanno (Music Editor/ Unsigned Hype), Boo Rosario (Music Writer), and Tory Fredericks (Asst. Music Editor) to name a few ex-staffers...

The piece also describes an absurd work environment that includes a ban on listening to Eminem in the office, and break down their impending bankrupcy and Sacha Jenkins' new defamation lawsuit against them.

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