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March 14, 2005

David Mays Joins With Sharpton on Banning Rappers

How laughable is this? Yes Dave, rappers should never be rewarded for their acts of violence and intimidation. That is, except for when you make them co-owners of your magazine.

Sharpton Talks To Radio Cos. About Hip Hop

Rev. Al Sharpton has spoken with Radio One, Clear Channel. and Emmis Communications in response to his call for Rhythm & Blues and hip hop stations to ban artists promoting violence for 90 days...

...Last week, hip hop magazine The Source, announced that it would support the efforts of Sharpton and the institution of the 90-day ban.

“It is inspiring to see that Rev. Al Sharpton is speaking out against the crisis of corporate manipulation of violence in the hip-hop industry, which is benefiting the bottom line of a few major conglomerates,” said David Mays, co-founder and CEO of The Source.

Mays also added that The Source doesn’t support the censorship of artists, but is opposed to artists and their backers using incitements of violence over the airwaves to promote record sales.

Sharpton and The Source hope the 90-day ban will incite accountability for violence in the hip hop community.

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