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March 9, 2005

Junior Mafia Address Lil Kim's Trial, Remember Biggie, 8 Years Later

I did a little interview with Junior Mafia last night, that you can check out on sohh.com. They took some time to remember Biggie on today's anniversary of his passing, and responded in depth to those who are calling them "snitches" for testifying in Lil Kim's perjury trial. Here's a snippet:

Banger: ...Everything we said is already known and proven. They have videotapes, phone conversations, pictures, how am I gonna go against that and go with her story, when I don't even know her story? She don't f#@$ with me, I don't f#@$ with her, so I don't even know what she said. I can only go in there and say the truth of what I saw.

Lil Cease: She did that to herself. They subpoenaed her just like they subpoenaed all of us, and they decided she was lying. If 35 people went in there and said one thing, but she said something else, that's on her. You know in federal trial situations only 1% of people ever beat the case? The only one I know who ever beat it was Gotti, and even he died in jail. So I don't know why her people decided to put her in this situation, but I hope they have something up their sleeve for her, cause we don't wish that on her. We don't want to see nobody dead or in jail...

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