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April 9, 2005

End of an Error?

Spent a lovely Friday in New Haven, where my hosts were quite gracious about my inexperience with public speaking. The only downside was I missed out on the chance to scoop Benzino's resignation from the Source:

Benzino Quits Source

Blaming irreconcilable differences with both The Source magazine and its investor, Black Enterprise, co-founder Raymond "Benzino" Scott stepped down as chief brand manager on Friday (April 8). "I want to step down from the magazine and sell my stock effective immediately," he said in a statement...

"...I don't want to take away from what The Source has built up, but I got issues with The Source and magazines like that. Everyone is too politically correct. They're not thinking about the little guy who can't afford to pay for high-priced ads. It's like a monopoly."

Now come on, that's a little unfair, I mean the Source gave full pages of ad space away every month to such obscure artists as Ray Benzino!

...The feelings were apparently mutual as, according to a spokesperson for The Source, Black Enterprise disliked Scott's practices. "Our other partner, Black Enterprise, is another reason why I've decided to leave," Benzino said. "I don't like how they perceive me. There are too many things that I don't agree with, so I am moving on."

I was expecting Earl Graves and the BE crew to dump Benzino when they first bought in years ago. I guess they finally woke up and realized they better step in to protect their investment.

Though his tenure at The Source has been rocky, Scott said he's looking forward to new publishing opportunities. "I plan on creating another magazine that has my voice, which represents the little guy. It's because of the manipulation of SoundScan and radio that hip-hop is losing its edge. I want to come out with a magazine that will reflect that. I want to start from the ground up and speak for the artists," he said.

I'm hoping he'll go the Oprah route and call it "B" magazine, with himself on the cover of every single issue offering self-help advice for his fellow "little guys."

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