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April 25, 2005

The Infamous Source Resignation Fax

Here's the bonus Source material I alluded to last week.

In Reginald Dennis' interview he describes the pivotal moment when everyone decided to walk away from the Source once and for all:

We’ve still got James’ resignation letter and we plan to fax it out to The Power Network: The Source’s list of 5000 key industry insiders, radio DJs and retailers. We are joined by another one of our interns and we send it out. We wonder what the reaction will be. These days you can send a million emails with the push of a button but back then we had to do it the hard way – a preprogrammed fax list. All over the country people read James’ letter and pagers and office phones begin blowing up. At RCA Dave is trying to manage the situation and calm Ray down. The fax arrives. Dave reads it and he and The RSO drop everything and dash back to The Source, hoping to catch us in the act. Dave also calls the phone company to stop the transmission, but because he doesn’t have the correct password the faxes continue to roll out. By the time they get up to The Source we are long gone and James’ letter is the talk of the industry.

I happened to be one of those 5,000, and it turns out I still have my copy of the fax. So here it is, the Fax Heard Round the World in jpg form (If anyone can pdf it up for me please do):

Page One (cover sheet)
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
Page Six

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