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April 4, 2005

This Week's Essential Reading

My esteemed colleague Dan Charnas started a blog, and the first post is a monster. Behind the scenes accounts of the birth of commercial hip-hop radio, and the revolutionary origins of the "Baby Got Back" video. A long read but well worth it. (Also peep the mp3s and the yoga tutorials.)


Elsewhere, The Music Issue reminds us why all eyes should be on Vatican City:

Thing is, this is an important, world-affecting regime change with no democratic input and the potential to lead to further conservative standpoints (on women in the priesthood, family planning, gay-rights, celibacy etc), or even brutally regressive stances that will no doubt curry favor with our charming right-wing 'culture of life' and conservative social systems in Catholicism's worldwide followings. In other words, I'm not one for praying, but I today I pray for a new, liberal and progressive hand driving the Pope-mobile.


And O-Dub recounts an experience I have all too often, except for me it usually involves Bobbito, Slug, or Gil Bellows from "Ally Mcbeal"

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