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May 13, 2005


This week is our fundraising episode on the radio show, so if you appreciate what we do on the Railroador here on the site, and want to hlep keep non-commercial outlets like WBAI alive, please tune in Sat. night at midnight and give whatever you can! I'll be your friend forever.


My chat with Bun B is up at SOHH.com..


Alas, another hip-hop dream is deferred in Winnipeg. Should have stayed away from the Pimp Juice.


Did you see that avalanche on the highway in Washington Heights? That's exactly how The Huffington Post hit blogville this week, an onslaught of textual debris that is a nightmare to sift through. I spent 5 minutes trying to find the Quincy Jones post I'd heard about, then finally gave up and searched in Technorati for someone else's link back to the correct page.

No way to browse by author or topic, no search function, no comment or trackback, and as poplicks said practically no people of color = no buzz. Maybe they'll get it together though, or perhaps someone else will start a "Huff Post Digest" blog to sift out what's actually worth reading in there.

Posted by jsmooth995 at May 13, 2005 6:55 PM

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