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August 15, 2005

Rabble Rousing Rap in Paris?

This report sure is skimpy on the details, but I guess we can't expect much from the moonies at UPI. Anybody know what the deal is here?

Rapper's anti-white lyrics spark ire

French Justice officials will be examining whether anti-white remarks by a French rapper can be treated as discrimination.

Center-right lawmaker Francois Grosdidier called last week for charges to be filed against rapper Monsier R, who denounced the country as a "whore," among other insults in one of his songs, "FranSSe." Internet discussions suggest the song supports anti-white racism.

The previously little-known Monsier R. has denied being racist.

"When I speak of France, I don't talk about the French people but of its leaders," he has told French media.

Several rappers have been pursued for their incendiary lyrics. One group, Sniper, was acquitted but NTM was handed a 6-month prison sentence for a song that made an unpleasant reference to French police.

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