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August 28, 2005

Tha Pumpsta Speaks

Last night it seems Jeremy Parker aka Tha Pumpsta visited our post about his "Kill Whitie" party, and posted a reply, of sorts. I'll let his words speak for themselves:

The Washington Post: “The Whitie We are Trying to Kill.”

On August 26, 2005, The Washington Post published Deejay's Appeal: 'Kill The Whiteness Inside': an article describing the party Kill Whitie as an all white scene that’s attempting to appropriate blackness. MSNBC, as well as other national publications also ran the story. The founders of Kill Whitie, including co-promoter, Lil Rae Rae, co-deejay Sha na na na, and choreographer, da Wondaho, all women of color, sat down to appropriate a little culture of their own over dumplings and noodles. The topic of the conversation was their absence from the Post’s article. The distraught, but not discouraged, Pumpsta listened as Sha na na na stated:

“This is bull-shit, we both dined with Michelle Garcia from The Washington Post, drank wine, she was bumming cigarettes off me. How can you talk to someone for hours and then pretend that [Sha na na na] merits no mention.”

Lil Rae Rae jumps in. “What did you expect? It’s The Washington Post.”

“I was the only one in the article, how could I be doing this by myself, we all started this together.” Pumpsta adds.

Wondaho shakes her head in disgust. “Man it’s just another black voice lost”

Lil Rae Rae concludes. “They want to know what Kill Whitie is, they’ll never know because they’re the whitie we’re trying to kill.”

In an infantile act to create racial boundaries The Washington Post omitted truths, attempting to achieve the obscure angel they desire. It is questionable that the Post would choose to run such a fraudulent article in the Nation section, when there are so many more prominent acts of racial bias that should be addressed. There is no reason to travel all the way to Brooklyn to witness the whitewashing of this country. Perhaps the Washington post should focus their attention on the Whities closer to home.

-Kill Whitie

He's also pasting the same message into other blogs such as James Lamb's and this random republican blog.. evidently he's googling "kill whitie" and posting in every blog that comes up.

Posted by jsmooth995 at August 28, 2005 6:05 AM

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