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September 16, 2005

Davey D's New Orleans/Houston Audio

Davey D has the Katrina radio coverage on lock:

Cousin Jeff From Houston Astrodome
http://odeo.com/audio/236102/view (radio interview)

We sat down with Cousin Jeff of BET to get a run down of what’s going in with the evacuees in the Houston Astrodome. He and Kanye West were there the other day…Cousin Jeff explained that all is not good… The primary problem is that poor displaced folks from New Orleans are being pitted against poor people from Houston

Cousin Jeff and Zin From Houston Astrodome
http://odeo.com/audio/236103/view (radio interview)

We continue are discussion with BET ’s Cousin Jeff about life inside the Astrodome for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina.. he describes it as being very bad… We are joined by Houston Hip Hop artist Zin who confirms all that Cousin Jeff has mentioned… Both men lay out a number of solutions and plans of action to bring relief and resolve many of these issues in both the long and short term…

Rosa Clemente Updates Us From New Orleans
http://odeo.com/audio/236156/view (radio interview)

We caught up with Rosa Clemente who is now leaving New Orleans and Baton Rouge after her arrest this past wednesday night.. She is doing ok.. but has al ot to say about what's really going on…

Fred Hampton Jr Updates Us from Mississippi
http://odeo.com/audio/236140/view (radio interview)

We got a chance to speak with Fred Hampton Jr of the POCC the other day and he gave us a breakdown of what’s been happening in Mississippi, the plight of prisoners, displaced people in Chicago and the launching of the Black Cross…

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