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October 25, 2005

Source Editor in Chief Vandalizes Jehovah's Witness Church?

I guess this blows any shot they had at a Prince interview...

Source Editor Dasun Allah Vandalizes Church

The editor of The Source magazine admitted to vandalizing a Jehovah's Witness assembly hall in New York's Harlem neighborhood.

Dasun Allah, editor of the hip-hop magazine, told the New York Post he "tagged" the building to expose the religion's "hypocrisy."

Police were called to the scene where Allah had painted a number of cryptic symbols, but the graffiti had been painted over by then, the Post said Friday.

Allah, 32, said he was kicked out of his Jehovah's Witnesses church more than 13 years ago and now belongs to the Islam-based Nation of Gods and Earths.

"They said I didn't fit the criteria, because, to put it lightly, I wasn't a choirboy," Allah said.

via Hashim

Not sure what to make of this, especially with such little detail provided.. I'd like to know more about the nature of his beef with the church, and exactly what "cryptic symbols" he put up. Also how this event came to light since he was apparently not arrested..

Posted by jsmooth995 at October 25, 2005 6:18 PM

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