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November 23, 2005

Cuba's Hip-Hop Festival hits 11th Year

Peace to Doble Filo who came to visit us at the Railroad a while back, and of course Ariel Fernandez:

Hip Hop Storms Havana’s Streets

The 11th Hip Hop Festival kicks off in Havana tomorrow, will be on until Saturday

Hip Hop Storms Havana’s Streets

The 11th Hip Hop Festival kicks off in Havana tomorrow, will be on until Saturday. Hip hoppers from all over Cuba are gathered in Havana to participate in their eleventh festival. The event will take place in the East Havana suburb of Alamar and the Salon Rosado de la Tropical dance center – the traditional hubs of this event in Cuba. The festival will begin Wednesday and run until Saturday...

...The first visible roots of hip hop in Cuba were break-dance competitions in the streets in the early eighties; but it was not until the next decade that the music became really popular among Cubans.

During those years, Cuban rappers injected a renovating energy into Cuban music that was taken from hip hop culture. The greatest boosts to this movement came from the Hermanos Saiz Association’s support, the Orishas phenomenon, the foundation of the Cuban Agency of Rap and an increase in public appreciation.

The aesthetics and style of the Cuban rappers draw from Afro-Cuban rhythms and roots, the influences of jazz, reggae, funk, soul and rock and roll, and social consciousness. Among the premier bands participating in this festival are Obsesion, Doble Filo, Hermanazos and Anonimo Consejo.

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