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December 21, 2005

AUDIO: The Benzino Voicemail Tapes

Gotta thank the illustrious Miss Info for passing this on. It's a couple of voicemail messages Benzino left at Ozone magazine for Julia Beverly. Benzino may not be much of a rapper, but when it comes to misogynistic voicemail hissy fits? He's got it down. Because I'm a nice guy I bleeped out his phone number, but the rest is uncut:

  • Benzino's Ozone Voicemails - (MP3, very very R rated)

    Um... wow. So uhh.. you mad, doggie?

    Sure is hard to imagine that guy harassing women in the workplace, huh? if you want to see the Ozone piece that wounded Benzino's heart so, here it goes right here. It's a good one. (and by the way this is almost exactly what Dave Mays sounded like when he called me back in the day, except he wasn't as versatile with the namecalling.)

    EDIT (via nah right): Ozone just put the tape up on their site, complete with phone number intact.. not that I endorse calling him, unless perhaps you are a licensed therapist.

    2nd EDIT: Meanwhile Allhiphop.com continues to play apologist for Benzino, with this "TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY! Zino just might have just reason to be mad.." nonsense. Allhiphop is one of the best hip-hop news sites but their coverage of Benzino is often light in the backbone area, and this is the worst example yet.

    Posted by jsmooth995 at December 21, 2005 3:04 AM

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