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January 19, 2006

Cam'ron "You Got It" Jay-Z Diss Track

o-dub: Dude. Is NY about to melt down or what? (Not that I'm trying to engage in too much hyperbole)
jsmooth: camron?
o-dub: yeah man
jsmooth: ugh, i wish i could sit back and expect to have fun like in the old days, instead of having to worry
jsmooth: i mean i doubt anything bad happens from it, but its too bad the tradition of battling is pretty much ruined now, basically now anything like this just puts everyone on terror alert
o-dub: worry about what? You think this'll get too out of hand?
o-dub: ah
jsmooth: i dont think it will no
jsmooth: but at this point it's always too much of a concern, as a default, to really have fun with it, even though this is two of the most clever emcees possibly going at it
jsmooth: i mean really i'd love to be able to post this and say "awww shit here we go!", but now it's like what if something happens then i look back and see i helped amp it
jsmooth: i wish i had a chance to talk to lord finesse about that
o-dub: I hear you
o-dub: but all things considered, this was kind of a tame diss.
jsmooth: when i hear a song for the first time, if i dont like it musically i cant really concentrate on the lyrics, which was the case here
jsmooth: i gotta go back in a minute
o-dub: I mean, the Lox threatening to drop a fridge on Puffy was more explosive
jsmooth: yeah hahaha
jsmooth: definitely
o-dub: Jay's not going to send Beans out to rough Cam up.
o-dub: At least not while Beans is on parole.
o-dub: Maybe Bleek can now earn his keep at the Roc.
jsmooth: i'm getting flashbacks to fredo corleone

Posted by jsmooth995 at January 19, 2006 12:30 AM

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