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January 19, 2006

Important Site Announcements

I just started a new blog, tuberaider, to keep track of all the youtube videos I'm watching.

Also, the following sites were added to our links section. Please tip generously:

  • nah right
  • crunk and disorderly
  • unkut
  • concrete loop
  • soul imperialist
  • she real cool
  • the rap up
  • statusainthood
  • global beat diaries
  • bomani jones
  • rachel's tavern
  • nowarian
  • vibes and stuff
  • so many shrimp
  • straight bangin

    I would also like to announce the following layoffs, in alphabetical order: Simpson, Homer.... that is all.

    Posted by jsmooth995 at January 19, 2006 12:48 AM

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