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January 19, 2006

The Final Bell Tolls for David Mays and Benzino


Once again the NY Post, of all people, has the scoop.. maybe these guys are the only topic sleazy enough for the Post to be in tune with? Allhiphop says Benzino and Eva Dave are holed up in a bunker in New Jersey, plotting one last desperate bid to reclaim the throne. Good luck with that, guys. (And good luck of the non-sarcastic variety to incoming boss Jeremy Miller)


In the latest tug of war for control of The Source Entertainment Inc., founder David Mays and the longtime president, rapper Ray "Benzino" Scott were ordered out of their jobs by the newly constituted board of directors after a temporary restraining order blocking the move was lifted. Four of the six board members voted to fire the duo last week and instead install Jeremy Miller, a one-time chief operating officer, as the new chief executive of The Source...

...Yesterday on the Web site allhiphop.com, Mays said he had fired Dasun Allah as editor-in-chief and instead installed himself in the top editorial spot... Mays said on the Web site, "Right now I am taking the role of editor-in-chief. There were just other issues that caused this to happen in this particular way."

...Charles Simpson, an attorney representing the board, said of Mays latest claim, "He's terminated, so he is not going to be doing anything."

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