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February 24, 2006

Justin Warfield's "Goth" Band

Seems like yesterday Justin Warfield was coming up to my show with his "Season of the Vic" 12 inch, and his handlers were telling me "please don't ask about the Q Tip thing." Which of course meant I could only think of the Q-Tip thing whenever I heard him from then on.. I should go back and give the album another shot though. Our other guest that night was Ghetto Communicator, anybody remember him? When he resurfaces with a new wave band i'll really be excited.

EDIT: In other comeback news, MC Hammer's blog is a damn good blog.

L.A. hip-hop dudes channel Joy Division

The debut from Los Angeles' She Wants Revenge is a sleek, haunted slice of New Wave revivalism with lyrics like "Take your hand, and smack me in the mouth, my love" and enough electro-rock intensity to send goth kids onto the dance floor -- not exactly what you'd expect from two thirtysomethings with hip-hop credentials. During the Nineties, frontman Justin Warfield, now thirty-two, was a rapper who recorded with Prince Paul; Warfield's partner, Adam Bravin, 36, was a producer and club DJ who rocked parties for NBA stars and P. Diddy. The duo convened in L.A. in 2003 to make hip-hop but wound up rekindling their teenage love for Prince and the Cure on a series of demos that landed them a deal with Fred Durst's label. Now they're generating big buzz thanks to "Tear You Apart," a darkly catchy single that's a massive hit on L.A.'s KROQ and taking off on MTV...

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