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February 16, 2006

Las Vegas Sherriff Bill Young Banning Hip-Hop from Casinos

Uhh, yeah. Our forefathers in organized crime spent decades building this city's reputation on a bedrock of gambling and whores. How dare these rappers come in here and tarnish that!

Vegas Police Want Rap Out of Casinos

A strange story is coming out of Las Vegas (home to many strange stories, to be sure): the city sheriff, Bill Young wants hip-hop artists banned from performing in local casino nightclubs. This doesn't come out of nowhere: Young is partially responding to the fact that one of his deputies, Henry Prendes, was killed on February 1st while responding to a domestic incident call; his killer was Amir Crump aka Trajik of the rap group Desert Mobb. Young is now arguing that hip-hop is a bad influence and therefore, should not be part of the image that Las Vegas wants to cultivate itself:

"The entertainment industry should be ashamed of itself for promoting this gangster rap genre that espouses violence, mistreatment of women, hatred for the authority of police officers and emulates drug dealers and two-bit thugs. It's not a good message for our young people, and it's not a good message for our community."

Sheriff Young has not asked for an outright ban – he's made his request somewhat surreptitiously by reminding casino operators that they are liable for anything that happens in their club – say, a shooting or stabbing. Notably, at a Nelly concert held at the Aladdin last May, there were two shootings.
However, as the LA Times "Vegasblog" notes, since then, there haven't been any major incidents at the nightclubs and they are not certain what is spurring a ban from the casinos themselves, especially since Sheriff Young assumes all of hip-hop is equivalent to gangsta rap (Nelly, a gangsta rapper? Please...)

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