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March 9, 2006

Adisa and KRS Squash It, With Bambaataa Moderating

These RSS aggregators are ruining the web for me. The other day I noticed I hadn't been to Poplicks in like two months cuz I didn't have them in bloglines, and tonight I realized I was doing the same thing with Cocaine Blunts. Does this happen to anybody else?

Luckily I caught this in time to see that Noz has transcribed some of Boots Riley's words at that Stanford conference. Noz echoes my sentiments that the event as a whole had some worthy words spoken, that deserve better than getting drowned out by the KRS/Adisa stuff.

And hopefully it'll be easier for that to happen now, since Davey D just reported what should be the last chapter in that story:

Just got off a conference call with Afrika Bambaataa..

He a long with KRS and Adisa have all sat down and come to some sort of resolution.. that is a good thing.. Everyone sees the larger picture in terms of protecting Hip Hop from some very real enemies and they talked like men and agreed to put all this behind them..and move on to bigger and better things...Both men agreed that there were somethings said and actions taken that could've been done differently and more important more respectfully... They also clearly understood that its important to show that one can have a big disagreement and still come to peaceful resolution while maintaining a particular viewpoint..

Big shout out to Bambaataa who demonstrated true leadership and years of handling and dealing with conflicts..His example and wisdom is one that we can all learn from and follow.. Hip Hop needs that.. Big shout out to KRS and Adisa for being real men and seeing the greater good..more info to follow

Davey D

Posted by jsmooth995 at March 9, 2006 10:07 PM

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