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March 6, 2006

AUDIO: KRS-One Threatening Adisa Banjoko at Stanford University

If you were listening to our show on Saturday night you heard us break what I'm calling the KRSgate story, as reports came into our chatroom about KRS One having some sort of meltdown at Stanford University, threatening to physically assault Adisa Banjoko and just generally acting a fool and turning everyone in the room against him.

I held back from posting about it until more info came out, but one of our west-coast sources just hooked me up with some audio, so now you can listen and judge for yourself:

  • KRS-One Threatening Adisa Banjoko at Stanford Hip-Hop Conference

    A rather embarrassing display from the Blastmaster, if you ask me. Threatening to kick somebody's ass during a debate is the last refuge of those who know they can't handle the challenge intellectually. And just to be clear, this wasn't even a debate.. it was a roundtable with many others on it, including Davey D, Joan Morgan, Sheena Lester, Mark Anthony Neal.. and KRS just started picking a fight with Adisa from out of nowhere..

    By all accounts it kept getting worse from here. I know some of our fellow bloggers were there, hopefully more details will emerge.

    (For those who don't remember, KRS and Adisa had a back and forth years earlier about KRS-One's "I Am HipHop" philosophy, that ended with Adisa challenging KRS to a public debate and KRS refusing to meet the challenge..)

    3/7/06 EDIT: Clyde has additional audio up on his site. And another witness is weighing in on Daveyd.com.

    Posted by jsmooth995 at March 6, 2006 3:34 PM

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