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March 2, 2006

AUDIO: New Mix from DJ 3D

3d covering some late 80s/early 90's basics:

DJ 3D on the Underground Railroad, 2/25/05

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  • Del - "Mistadabolina"
  • Kid n Play - "Last Night Changed It All" ..nobody takes them too seriously now, but at the time of this first album (when they were also ghostwriting for most of Hurby Luv Bug's other acts [allegedly]) they were among the most important emcees out there, bar none.. Gettin Funky is still one of my favorite 80s tracks.
  • Kwame - "The Rhythm"
  • Heavy D - "Overweight Lover's in the House" ...another guy who was among the biggest names in his prime, but is now pretty much a footnote in the hip-hop history books.. i'll rarely hear him cited when people discuss the Important and Influential Emcees from that era..
  • Diamond D - "K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)" ..my favorite from that album..
  • LOTUG - "Chief Rocka"
  • EPMD - "Crossover"
  • Terminator X "Buck Whylin"
  • LL Cool J "Mama Said.." ..i always thought LL was saying "DAMMIT!" in that part, and when I found out it's really "damage" that kinda ruined the song for me..
  • Fu Schnickens - "True Fu Schnick"
  • Roxanne Shante - "Have A Nice Day"
  • Run-DMC - "Sucker MCs"
  • Main Source - "Looking At The Front Door"
  • Ultramagnetic - "Ease Back"
  • T-Ski Valley - "Catch the Beat"
  • Eric B and Rakim - "Don't Sweat the Technique"
  • Bizmarkie - "This is Something For the Radio" ..was this the first rap record that used a Prince loop?
  • Malcolm Mclaren and the World Famous Supreme Team

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