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March 31, 2006

Black Folks Online: Closing the Digital Divide?

Michel Marriott, haven't seen that name in a while. We had him on the radio show, way back when he broke that story about Timberland not wanting to be associated with the "urban" demographic.

Digital Divide Closing as Blacks Turn to Internet

African-Americans are steadily gaining access to and ease with the Internet, signaling a remarkable closing of the "digital divide" that many experts had worried would be a crippling disadvantage in achieving success...

...According to a Pew national survey of people 18 and older, completed in February, 74 percent of whites go online, 61 percent of African-Americans do and 80 percent of English-speaking Hispanic-Americans report using the Internet. The survey did not look at non-English-speaking Hispanics, who some experts believe are not gaining access to the Internet in large numbers.

In a similar Pew survey in 1998, just 42 percent of white American adults said they used the Internet while only 23 percent of African-American adults did so. Forty percent of English-speaking Hispanic-Americans said they used the Internet...

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